Moonie Central Updates

Greetings fellow moonies!

Here’s an update on the state of affairs here at Moonie Central. I finally finished migrating Moonie Central to a new host and am so glad that is behind me. I learned a lot during the process but it took way longer than expected. Anyways, I’m not back to working on the blog and forum. I’m still looking for fellow moonies to help with Moonie Central so if you’d like to contribute in some way please let me know. The quickest way to reach me is via twitter @moonicentralx, but you can also message me in the forum, on Facebook, or email me at

Current Plans

Blog – I’m still trying to get the blog organized and catch back up on the latest Sailor Moon news. I want to share some news but since there are so many sites doing a good job of this already I’d rather focus on fan content and create unique content in the form of graphics, tutorials, and other things, but what I would love most is to hear what you, my fellow moonies, would like to see, so please let me know.

Forum – Plans are underway for a new Sailor Moon forum-based RPG. Right now the only detail I know for sure is that it’s going to start in the Silver Millenium, but I’m already looking forward to it and we already have several sign ups. We’ve been making plans on MC’s Facebook page but I’ll be adding a sign-up/roster in the forum soon so be sure to join the forum if you haven’t already and sign up. In other news, my friend Zero from is currently working with me on my goal of merging the previous Moonie Central forum with the new one. In the long, long, long ago whenever MC encountered lots of errors or hacking we would create a new forum and start all over. Now that my technical skills have somewhat improved I’m hoping to import our posts from the previous forum for both reference and sentimental reasons, and as a way to learn a bit more about working with mySQL databases. Wish us luck!